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Theaflavins is a golden yellow pigment in yellow tea, black tea, which is a substance when the tea has been fermentative.


The appearance is red-brown powder, dissoluble in water and ethanol. Bitter and acerbity. It’s stable between PH4-8, easy to deteriorate when meeting with strong acid, strong alkali, sunlight, heat and transitional metal. The quality is safety and non-toxic, pure highly and nice color basing on the adoption of advanced technique.

Pharmacology functions:

Theaflavins has the effect of regulating blood lipid, cardiovascular disease, and non-toxic side. The product has been known as "soft gold" in tea, the function of reducing blood fat and theaflavins can not only combine with intestinal cholesterol to reduce the absorption of cholesterol in food, also can inhibit the body's own synthesis of cholesterol.

Storage: keep in a cool and dry area away from light and heat.

Shelf life: Two years.

Package: 1KG / bag, or double layers plastic bag inner, cardboard barrel outside (25KG/barrel).



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