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Lipid-soluble tea polyphenol

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The product is one of the pure natural compound extracted from green tea. But tea polyphenol could soluble in water and is difficult to dissolve in lipids. So it is greatly restricted to be used directly against the oxidation of lipids or foods with high lipid content, Our product is manufactured from natural tea polyphenol with advanced technology in the world, which is open up a broad development prospect for the application of tea-polyphenol.


Appearance is grey powder or crystal, light yellow to dark brown when it is liquid. bitter.

dissoluble in water, ethanol and slightly dissoluble in lipid. It’s low moisture-absorb, easy oxidative browning in alkaline condition.

Pharmacology functions:

Strong oxidation resistance and high biological activity, with healthcarefunction.The bacteria can be restrained and also can be effectively prevented the degradation of food pigment, vitamin C and carotene to maintain the effect of food ingredients.

Storage: Keep in a cool and dry area away from light and heat.

Shelf life: Two years.

Package: 1KG / bag, or double layers plastic bag inner, cardboard barrel outside (25KG/barrel).



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