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The products is extracted from the bodies of such Coleoptera Meloidae insects as Mylabris phalerta Pallas and Mylabris Cichorii


Colourless and odorless,the appearance is sparkling squamous crystal with the character of acrid,cold and toxic. Its chemical formula is C10H12O4,and Molecular weight is 196.21.

Pharmacology function:

Cantharidin approved by modern medical research which can be applied to treat liver cancer,liver cirrhosis and ascites,lung cancer,rectum cancer and carcinoma of mammary gland,etc.Now it has been widely put into clinical use. Our company possessing the intellectual property rights of extracting technology for Cantharidin.(the patent number is ZL 2006 1 0040991.1)

Storage: Keep in a cool and dry area away from light and heat.

Shelf life: Two years

Package: Double layers plastic bag inner,foil bag outside.


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