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Company coordinate shares to renovation and expansion,production capacity upgrade

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In line with the share reform and the "new three board" to prepare for the listing, the company started renovation and expansion,production capacity upgrade in early 2013.

The company covers an area of ??10 acres now, built 2,000 square meters of integrated science and technology building production workshop meet the GMP standard. Research and development center a natural plant and animal research, two laboratories  (approximately 330 square meters), the (small) between test each one (about 620 square meters), more than 20 various types of R & D laboratory equipment / sets, production equipment more than 90 sets / kits and related auxiliary facilities.

 After upgrading, production will increase four-fold on the existing basis, to reach an annual output of 150-180 tons of production capacity polyphenols. And by recycling the energy, depth treatment of effluent and other means, to achieve a breakthrough in terms of energy saving.



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