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Warmly celebration to the public listing of TIAN YUAN bio-tech Co.,Ltd Wu Hu, on enterprise borad Q of SHANGHAI EQUITY EXCHANGE CENTER

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  TIANYUAN bio-tech Co.,Ltd( short on listing: TIANYUAN TECH) held a listing ceremony of medium and small enterprises equity pricing system of SHANGHAI EQUITY EXCHANGE CENTER in Shang Hai, enterprise code 201537 on the morning of Aug. 27th,2014.
Wuhu TIANYUAN technology was established in December 1999, the company is located in Wuhu city (national level) High-tech Industrial Development Zone, the company under the tea polyphenol production department, biological R & D center, the new project research and development department.
The company, relying on domestic well-known research institutions, colleges and universities, has a professional R & D team and engineering and technical personnel, the company has won the title of Wuhu City "technology demonstration enterprise", "Anhui Province private science and technology enterprise", "national high tech enterprise" "Wuhu City 2013 science and technology plan". Now has three invention patents (cantharidin, EGCG and caffeine), air jet pump utility model patent four), scientific and technological achievements, one of the results fill gaps in the domestic) this year there are four patents is declared.
Company's existing series of natural animal and plant research and development center and tea polyphenol production plant. With a domestic advanced multi-purpose plant extraction and purification production line, specializing in the production of all kinds of equipment more than 80 sets, with specialized research laboratories, equipped with liquid chromatography, gas phase chromatography and other sophisticated detection equipment more than 10 Taiwan, advanced detection technology, tea polyphenols series specifications sold at home and abroad.
TIANYUAN technology in Shanghai Stock Exchange Center successfully listed, which means that the company has entered a virtuous track of standardized development, while marking the multi-level capital market to enter a substantial step forward. Chairman Yao Yunshan said: the TIANYUAN will take a good grasp of the opportunity to seize the opportunity to vigorously implement the brand development strategy, continue to expand the scale, standardize the operation of enterprises, to achieve self transcendence.
Shanghai equity trading center was officially launched in February 15, 2012. Follow the Chinese Securities Regulatory Commission uniform requirements for the construction of Chinese multi-level capital market system, domestic OTC market system perfect, the credibility of the strongest, financing to meet rate is highest, trading activity is the highest, financing and transaction price earnings rate is highest, only realize profit of OTC market exchange. Enterprises after the listing, can make full use of resources in the capital market, standardized operation, to speed up the development of enterprises, financing through the platform, including directional capital Kuogu, private debt issuance, etc..
Insiders said that the
TIANYUAN is far away from Wuhu City, Anhui Province, the first implementation of the Q board listed on the exchange of small and medium enterprises. The successful listing, the realization of the Wanjiang economy with small and medium enterprises landing over the Q board market "zero" breakthrough, the financing and development of small and medium-sized enterprises explored a new path.

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