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About us







Wuhu Tianyuan Bio-tech Co.,LTD. is a high-tech company integrating research and production on Biological Engineering (extraction from animals and plants).Our company is located in the New and High Technology Industry Development Zone of WuHu City,Anhui Province,covering area more than 6667 square meters and the construction area 10000 square meters, with the fixed assets investment of RMB 30 million.

Supported by some famous domestic research institutions, with professional research and development team as well as engineers and technicians, mainly engaged  in the research, development and production of natural animal and plant products.

In the pesticide-free Mount Huang area which features good ecological environment, the company has cultivated tens of thousands square meters of animal and plant gardens.We select high quality raw materials to produce animal and plant extraction such as Cantharidin, Tea polyphenols,ect.The extraction technology of high purity Cantharidin has won independent Intellectual Property Rights and got the national patent(the patent number is ZL 2006 1 0040991.1).

The company holds a domestic advanced animal and plant R&D center,labories,middle stage testing workshops and two multi-functional purifying production lines,more than 50 professional production facilities, and over 10 precision testing instruments such as liquid chromatograph and gas chromatograph. The advanced testing technology guarantees the stable product quality.

Our company always insists on the principle of"high quality and good credits are the vitality of our company", advocation green industrial revolution to meet with people's need on green, nature and health.


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