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Quality Control

 Products quality is the lifeline for enterprise' survival and development. We have established a high starting line of development in the early days of the establishment of our company, and attach more attention to the stability of products. The company has established well-facilited physicochemical lab, microorganism lab, LC(Liquid Chromatogram) and gas chromatography lab, and be equipped with testing facilities such as advanced UV and America Agilent LC,GC. It can give accurate,and timely testing and control to all the processes from raw material to end product, and make sure the health and safety of our product complies with international standard.

We also have the perfect quality assurance and after-sale service system, which passed the quality management system authentication such as ISO22000(HACCP),QS and KOSHER. The factory managed provides secure, stable and high quality products to our customers according to strict GMP management. Meanwhile, we have a proficient team to take control of product quality supervising  to make sure the company's products can meet the needs of different customers around the world.

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